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Hey, heyy!

I’m Shanita Dixon [lovingly known as Nitadee], and I am a photographer, Reiki practitioner, videographer, musician, and creative soul, specializing in personal branding for badasses. You may already know me, or we may be becoming friends as we speak. Either way, I’m grateful to connect! I got my start in the photography world when I asked for a Polaroid iZone camera back in the day and went trigger-happy, taking pictures of every random thing and person I could find. I was on a creative mission to make everyday stuff look cool. Thankfully, this curiosity continued into my studies at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, where my creativity was allowed to blossom. In 2010, I got my first DSLR camera and it has been one of my biggest passions ever since.

I pride myself on being a positive and energetic individual. My spiritual journey took a new turn [pun intended] when I survived a car accident on ice in January 2018, and was able to walk away to tell the story. Since then, I'd begun soul-searching and healing, and my spiritual gifts were presented to me in the process. I now live life with more purpose and vitality, and I'm honored to help people do the same.

So what do I do? I photograph phenomenal people. I assist people in their healing journeys by being a channel for positive energy. I affirm your greatness because I see it. I maintain a vibe that allows you to be your best and boldest self. I celebrate your accomplishments and awesomeness, because when you win, the entire world wins. I love seeing and capturing folks in their essence. Whether it be your business, your quirkiness, your style, passions, craft, creations, or your personality, let me help you show it off! Good energy is contagious. [Trust me, I know that firsthand] :)

Thank you so much for visiting, friend! Hope to see you soon.
- Nita

Self-portrait by Shanita Dixon.